CLICK HERE to read editorial by Power Farming Magazine published in the January 2021 issue (Volume 129 Number 5).


Key features of the WHM140/M include:

  • Over-engineered for a much more reliable tractor
  • Strengthened front axle and transmission, with advantage of additional power
  • Driven by a 6.75L, 6 cylinder engine
  • Capable output of 140hp (103kW) engine flywheel power
  • Oversized chassis 154kW (210hp)
  • 145 amp hour batter, wide radiator and oversized cooling fan
  • Weight of tractor is 7300Kg
  • 4 in 1 self levelling front end loader (FEL) fitted as standard.
  • two speed 540/1000 rear PTO


among many other features.

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