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WHM 200 4/N CAB


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  •  Beautiful 6.25 L    under stressed slower revving 6 cylinder engine
  • Heavy chassis to put weight on the ground, and increase longevity and reliability
  • Really well shod with Radial tyre  560 rears package
  • Best spacious, clear deck air-conditioned cab and fan
  • The cabined in lined for quieter operation
  • Fantastic air  CAB with great seat , rear camera .
  • Tremendous visibility, opening rear window, sky light and widow
  • 16/16 forward and reverse synchronised gears
  • 2 stage ceramic LUK clutch biggest size
  • Power steering and 4wd standard
  • Dual hydraulic pumps
  • Treble  rear remotes.
  • Power up and power down for significant additional 3 PTL capacity
  • Control for 3PTL in cab and at rear
  • Comfortable suspension seat
  • Bigger radiator, battery, alternator for Australian conditions
  • Full set of lights Inc. working lights
  • Rear wheel weights
  • Infinitely adjustable rear axle for greater stability
  • Massive front end loader with Italian controls 1.2T
  • Tyre package of 12 ply radials, 420 fronts and 520 rears
  • This $4000 standard addition tyre package give 20% more traction
  • Massive accessible air cleaner and snorkel
  • Loaded with some 90 odd features
  • Larger wider radial 12 Ply Tyre Package
  • Engine HP : 160HP PTO
  • Cylinder : 6 cylinder
  • Transmission : 16F/16R Synchro Gears

Product Description

The WHM 200/4 N CAB  BROADACRE TRACTOR is not a bought tractor but includes more than 90 WHM specifications to increase reliability and longevity to get power to the ground. It includes as standard  wide  560 rear radials 12 ply tyres ,with matching fronts, package to increase traction by 20%. This is a standard feature at a wonderful all up price.  Really great cab , special upgrade casting on complete chassis to increase reliability  Bigger radiator  , excellent engine,  great seat .>massively strengthen chassis casting .An Australian engineered package  by Australians  to suit Australian conditions



Additional Information

Weight 5350 kg
Dimensions 453 x 215 x 290 cm


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