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WHM 544/M ROPS 4WD Tractor


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  • See videos below on previous model WHM484/JI
  • Click here to read editorials by Power Farming Magazine for our 2019 model.
  • 98mm bore over-square naturally aspirated engine 4 cylinder
  • Massive front axle and 4wd system with class leading feature
  • Best open flat clear deck in class, so easy to operate and safer to operate
  • Great vision from deck and wide ROPS
  • Controls beside the seat
  • Cushion mounted operator’s deck
  • 12/12 synchronised gears with dash mounted shuttle shift
  • 2 Stage clutch ceramic from a tier 1 supplier
  • Powerful power steering and 4wd standard
  • Dual hydraulic pumps
  • Dual rear remotes standard
  • 3 PTL swing drawbar 2 speed PTO 540/1000 standard
  • Good suspension seat
  • Extra wide sunroof for Australia’s hot sun
  • Bigger radiator, fan for Australia’s extra hot conditions
  • 120 amp hr battery, extra-large alternator and hydraulic pumps
  • Full set of working lights
  • Package as sold 3.2 T class leading
  • Big 400 kg 4-in-1 FEL self-levelling
  • Puncture resisting 10 ply tyres class leading
  • Air cleaner under bonnet
  • Just loaded with standard features
  • Just built for first time users to be as bullet proof as possible
  • Engine HP : 48 PTO HP
  • Cylinder : 4 cylinder
  • Transmission : 10 Speed Shuttle Shift
  • Operator Station : Dual Clutch
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Product Description

WHM Tractors range of 54HP 4WD Tractors offer that extra torque and power required for bigger jobs.
This versatile tractor is over-engineered 3.2T package. The WHM 544/M is perfect for small acreage or as a general duties tractor on any farm. With wide tyres and all the features this tractor will run a 5’ slasher with ease. When fitted with a front end loader and a 4-in-1 bucket this tractor is the perfect tool for cleaning stables, raking yards, fencing and weed control.
It also includes over 80 WHM engineered features to increase its longevity.

Also available in Air-Conditioning CAB.




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Complete the collection

  • WHM Tractor’s 3 Point Linkage Tractor Tow Hitch provide an easy and versatile tow ball attachment to your tractor. Easily move around trailers, caravans or boats.

  • 5' Stick Rake (Landscape Rake).

    30 shanks each individually removable for easy adjustment.



  • Lighten the load around the farm with a checker plate steel floor tractor carry all. Tractor carry-alls are great for carting firewood, fertiliser and fencing equipment

  • 5 Tine Heavy Duty Rippers (Chisel Ploughs). Rippers are available in either 5 tine or 6 tine arrangements. All feature adjustable height rippers with replaceable cutting tips. These rippers are great for breaking up soil or dirt prior to grading or rotary tilling.

    • Rippers : 5
    • Width : 152cm
    • Linkage : Cat 1
    • 360 degree adjustable cutting blade
    • support leg for easy storage
    • heavy duty blade with replacement cutting tips available.
    • heavy very well built
    • 360 degree adjustable cutting blade plus off-centre settings
    • adjustable cutting blade
    • support leg for easy storage
    • heavy duty blade with replacement cutting tips available.
  • WHM 5' Box Grader Blades or Box Scrapers are perfect for landscaping, levelling, backfilling, and grading. With 5 forward facing rippers to break up the soil and a high carbon steel blade (forward facing), breaking up and levelling out is achieved in a single pass. A further replaceable rear facing steel blade is available to back fill if required.

    – 5 foot wide

    – 5 tine rippers

    – Cat 1

  • Built to last heavy duty slasher with re-enforced frame. 5mm top deck makes it one of the strongest slashers on the market. Quick-release off-set options, 50HP gearbox and adjustable solid wheel kit as standard.

    – rear wheel kit (solid tyre)
    – 50HP gearbox
    – collapsible hitch
    – adjustable skids
    – PTO safety clutch
    – chain link stone protection
    – large range of cutting heights
    – height adjustable rear wheel allows for an even cut over any terrain
    – thick clean top deck
    – solid top link and a simple to attach PTO.
    – Cat 1 three point linkage connection

    • Size : 5' - 152cm
    • Offset : Yes - quick
    • Wheel Kit : Single
    • Gearbox : 70HP