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Home Products WHM 1164/J 4WD Tractor with Air-conditioned Cabin (2017 Model)

WHM 1164/J 4WD Tractor with Air-conditioned Cabin (2017 Model)


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  • Massive 7.5 L Engine Huge Low Revving Grunt
  • Heavy chassis designed for front end loader work
  • Easy start 6 Cylinder naturally aspirated diesel engine massive 7.5 L
  • Air conditioned cabin (optional)
  • Lined cabin (optional)
  • Flat, clean operator’s deck
  • Side mounted controls and gear lever to allow easy access and movement across the deck.
  • Rear view lower window for easy viewing of 3 point linkage
  • Shuttle shift forward and reverse (16F/8R gears)
  • Two stage clutch
  • Dual hydraulic pumps
  • Power steering
  • Two speed PTO (540/1000 RPM)
  • Dual rear remotes
  • Powered down 3 Point Linkage
  • Insulated cabin to maximise comfort
  • Premium radio
  • Premium suspension seat
  • Fan
  • Zinc plated 3 point linkage adjustments
  • Euro hitch quick release front end loader attachment
  • Lift capacity of the front end loader is 1000kg.
  • Rear working lights
  • Front and rear (wheel) weights for added traction and stability
  • Power up and power down
  • Engine HP : 116 7.5 L
  • Cylinder : 6 cylinder
  • Transmission : 16F/8R 4WD
  • Operator Station : AC Cabin

Product Description

The WHM 1164/J 4WD tractor comes standard with a premium noise dampened air-conditioned cabin. Weighing 5450kg with the FEL fitted, and with a 1000kg SWL this tractor is the ultimate workhorse for medium to large acreage. Designed specifically for Australian conditions it comes with our rugged chassis design, 6 cylinder naturally aspirated engine, dual stage ceramic plate clutch, powered down 3 point linkage and is fitted with 10ply 12.4” x 24” front and 18.4”x 30” rear tyres.


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